Peter Nicholls is a London based photo-journalist with twenty-five years of vast experience, having spent twenty of those as a senior staff photographer on The Times newspaper.

Having won multiple awards and commendations during his career to date, Peter's work has touched almost every facet of the world of photo-journalism. His reputation is largely based on his coverage of conflict and its consequences in the Middle-east, Afghanistan and Africa. Additionally, Peter has worked on breaking news and features assignments including natural disasters, domestic politics, royalty, international elections and even spanning to sport and showbiz, having covered The Academy Awards on several occasions.  

In 2013, Peter was the Chair of Judges in the UK's prestigious PPY Photography Awards and has mentored many young photographers and student groups, demonstrating his passion for photo-journalism, whilst maintaining and developing standards in the industry. 

Peter has worked in over ninety countries and their many contrasting environments and cultures, thriving on the challenges that come with associated harsh working conditions. However, Peter is equally at home photographing portraits of political, showbiz or corporate figures in their own, more controlled environments. 


Awards & Exhibitions

1996 - UK Kodak Sports Photographer of the Year
1999 - PEG Awards Runner-up Royals
2002 - PEG Awards Runner-up News
2004 - PEG Awards Foreign News Photographer of the Year
2007 - PPY Photo Essay of the Year
2007 - PEG Awards Photo Essay of the Year
2007 - PEG Awards Photographer of the Year Special Award
2001/2010/2012 - British Press Awards Runner-up Photographer of the Year

2002 - Sarajevo gallery, Afghanistan post-9/11 Exhibition
2007 - PPY Annual Exhibition 
2012 - National Portait Gallery, The Queen