'Maombi', left, and 'Janvier', two former child soldiers, freed from militias in Eastern DRC. Fear of reprisals prevents full identity being revealed. October 2007.
 School children at a lesson in the shade of a tree, at Zaari village school, Ghana. 'Sightsavers' screens children there in a programme to combat trachoma.  November 2013.
 Trachoma expert, Camera Ousmane, inspects the eyes of a trachoma victim, a day before he operates on her. Kaffrin, Senegal, November 2013.
 The bio-fuel plant, Jatropha, growing on a former tobacco estate in north-western Mozambique by the British company, 'Sun bio-fuels'. June 2010.
 Computer salvagers at Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana, re-cycle the components of computers dumped from Europe and the West, with catastrophic environmental consequences. July 2009.
 A woman struggles with her baby in the mud of the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan where over 80,000 Syrian refugees are sheltering from the civil war and winter conditions. December 2013.
 An orphaned girl drinks well water in the village of Chamadinga, Malawi. 'Pump Aid' installed an Elephant water pump, providing clean water for the hundreds of orphaned children living there. November 2008.